Sealing & Bonding

Mouldlife have a fantastic Sealing & Bonding division, with key partnerships including Araldite, as well as supplying further acrylic, epoxy, methacrylate, polyurethane and silicone adhesives. Our broad range of industrial adhesives and tapes from 3M provide fantastic properties including Dual Lock’s re-usable interlocking mechanisms, and VHB’s shock absorption and stress distribution.

Additionally Mouldlife offer versatile two-component acrylic adhesives from Scott Bader’s Crestabond range, for bonding composites, metals and thermoplastics. We will have a solution to meet your requirements.


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Scott Bader Crestabond

Marine. Land Transportation. Building & Construction. Wind Energy. Recreational Vehicles. Agricultural Vehicles.

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Two-component acrylic adhesives, for bonding composites, metals and thermoplastics.

The Crestabond series is a range of 1:1 and 10:1 structural adhesives based on Methacrylate technology, manufactured by Scott Bader and distributed by Mouldlife.

Mouldlife are very proud to be working with Gecko Head Gear and will continue to provide great service and technical support to the team.

Crestabond is unique to the market due to its ability to universally bond a wide variety of dissimilar substrates, without the need to use primers to improve bond performance. Gecko Head Gear specialize in hand-made helmets designed for marine safety organizations, and other water-born sports markets. They had experienced adhesive troubles when bonding their rubber grommets to the helmets, where there was failure to consistently join, under heavy environmental and impact resistance. Crestabond M1-05 Black resolved this problem for Gecko, with its fatigue resistance and excellent impact, peel, shear and compressive strength across all bonded parts.

See how Crestabond Features become Customer Benefits

Primer-less Adhesives

Dramatically enhances production efficiency and reduces consumable costs.

Minimal Surface Preparation

Reduces dust emissions and preparation time.

Excellent Fatigue and Impact Resistance

Confidence in the longevity of the finished product.

Range of Working and Fixture Times

Optimize production cycles to reduce manufacturing costs.

Good Gap Filling Capability

Adhesive can be used in multiple applications.

Scott Bader Crestabond Structural

3M Industrial Adhesives Tapes

With our widest range of substrate to substrate adhesive alternatives, you can expect to find a solution with 3M.

Can tape really replace mechanical fasteners?

Yes. Acrylic foam tape is a specialty bonding tape that is a proven high-strength alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners. While a screw or a rivet can join two substrates at a single point, specialty bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another and spreads the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once substrates are joined with high-strength bonding tape, a virtually indestructible “weld” is created.

Acrylic foam tape is comprised of closed cell foam with pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides. This offers benefits that mechanical fasteners just can’t match.

Factors to consider when choosing a 3M VHB tape:

  1. What are you bonding together?
  2. What performance demands are there?
  3. What kind of environmental conditions will the finished product be subject to?
Adhesive Strengths Tensile


Adhesive Strengths Shear


Adhesive Strengths Peel


Adhesive Strengths Cleavage


Get to know your adhesive strengths:

  • Tensile stress is exerted equally over the entire joint and away from the adhesive bond.
  • Shear stress is across the adhesive bond. The bonded materials are forced to slide over each other.
  • Cleavage stress is concentrated at one edge and exerts a prying force on the bond.
  • Peel stress is concentrated along a thin line at the bond’s edge. One surface is flexible.

Re-sealable fixing with multiple profiles offering varying levels of interlocked strength.

3M Reclosable Fasteners provide an innovative alternative to screws, bolts, snaps and other traditional fasteners. Whenever you have a need for repair, replacement or maintenance, trust 3M Dual Lock to bring you more freedom in product design and more convenience in assembly.

How it Works?

When two parts of 3M Dual Lock are pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock with each other. A ‘snap’ sound announces that the fastener is engaged. It results in excellent holding strength (up to 12 times stronger than hook and loop solutions) as far as replacing unsightly mechanical fasteners  in most applications. The durability of Dual Lock Fasteners allows for up to 1,000 openings and closures.

For assembly on rigid or flexible surfaces with a self adhesive backing…no need for tools!

Dual Lock Multiple Profiles

These conference chairs have been assembled with Dual Lock, which makes regular refurbishment quicker & simpler.

Dual Lock Faster

3M Dual Lock Fasteners allow for fast and easy information changes, like these programme schedules in a cinema.

Dual Lock Strong

Decorative acoustical wall panels are fast becoming a construction industry solution where flexibility is needed.

Duo Pak 3M Structural Adhesive 1
Duo Pak 3M Structural Adhesive 3

High-performance adhesives, whose bond is often stronger than the materials it joins.

3M Scotch-Weld Duo Pak are two-part, room temperature curing epoxy, urethane and acrylic adhesives formulated and packaged in Duo-Pak cartridges for use in manual dispensing guns. Dispensers/Applicators simultaneously meter, mix and apply adhesive for ease and production efficiency.

The 3M Scotch-Weld Duo Pak structural adhesives range are widely used in product assembly where high mechanical performance is required and also for sealing and potting in electrical / electronic applications.

Significant Advantages at a Low Investment Cost

  1. Reducing costs for combining different materials for the same or better performance.
  2. Eliminating secondary sealing or finishing operations, saving time and money.
  3. Achieving stronger and stiffer structures by improving stress distribution.
  4. Joining a wide variety of materials that are unable to be assembled by traditional methods of fastening.

Excellent movement and shock resistance. Use DP609 for commercial sign bonding and plastic component assembly.

Extremely high strength adhesives with great impact resistance. Use DP490 ideal for applications requiring a gap filler.

Excellent bonding to difficult plastics. Use DP8005 for bonding automotive interior parts (PU) to dashboard (PP).

Four simple steps to quick and precise bonding applications using two-part Duo Pak cartridges.

Duo Pak Cartridge Application 1

Slip the cartridge into the dispenser and close the dispenser’s lock.

Duo Pak Cartridge Application 2

Unscrew the tip of the cartridge and fix the nozzle on the cartridge.

Duo Pak Cartridge Application 3

Pull the trigger for exact dispensing, the two components are mixed and applied at once.

Duo Pak Cartridge Application 4

A clean and precise application without the user coming into contact with the adhesive.

Araldite Bonding

Araldite structural adhesives are optimized to bring complex plastic and metal-based design projects to life.


Epoxy-based adhesives provide excellent adhesion to metals and rigid substrates, with high strength, excellent durability, chemical and temperature resistance.

Araldite 2010Fast curing, toughened, high shear and peel strength
Araldite 2012Fast curing, multi purpose, bonds a wide variety of materials
Araldite 2014-1High temperature resistance (until 120°C), water and
chemical resistance, gap filling, grey paste
Araldite 2020Optically clear casting epoxy for encapsulation of components for visual inspection
Araldite 2011Multi purpose, long working life, good resistance to dynamic loading
Araldite 2013Gap filling to 5 mm, metal coloured, suitable for
vertical applications, resists chemicals
Araldite 2015Gap filling to 10 mm, toughened paste, ideal for GRP, SMC


Methacrylate-based adhesives are generally resilient and faster setting, providing excellent adhesion onto metals, composites and thermoplastics.

Araldite 2021Rapid cure, multi purpose, high peel strength
Araldite 2048This red coloured methacylate adhesive is a fast setting flexible
system that bonds exceptionally well to plastic, metals and composites
Araldite 2022Excellent resistance to petrol and oils, methacrylate adhesive for fast
assembly operations on a wide range of substrates including those
which can be difficult to bond
Araldite 2052Very high temperature resistance (until 200°C), Excellent chemical
resistance, Thixotropic paste, fast curing, Good adhesion even
without particular pre-treatment


Polyurethane-based adhesives are more suitable for thermoplastics and ideal for softer substrates where flexibility is commonly required.

Araldite 2018Two component PU adhesive system, ideal for bonding
thermoplastics, good UV stability, flexible
Araldite 2029Gap filling with medium open time and high adhesion strength
on metals like copper and brass
Araldite 2041-1Two component high strength black polyurethane adhesive,
highly flexible system especially formulated for bonding
plastics like ABS, PC with minimal surface preparation.
Araldite 2028Two component cold cure water clear PU adhesive
that is fast curing and UV stable. Bonds well to a wide
variety of plastics and metals
Araldite 2040Two component flexible polyurethane adhesive,
ideal for bonding plastics, Low shrinkage, gap
filling, ideal for thick bond lines
Araldite 2055Two component gap filling polyurethane adhesive,
long open time, Resists weathering and humidity, low
shrinkage, Suitable for bonding a variety of metal
and plastic substrates

Offers extended possibilities to both design engineers and manufacturers alike.

  • Load-bearing adhesives for bonding metals and composites.
  • Resilient and flexible adhesives for bonding thermoplastics and combinations of metals.
  • Slow cure adhesives for large area application, adhesives designed to give results in minutes.
  • Adhesives that are resistant to high temperatures or chemicals.
  • Paste adhesives for gap-filling or vertical applications.
  • Transparent adhesives for glass bonding and rapid cure multipurpose adhesives.

Got a Sealing & Bonding query or need help finding the best product solution?

Please get in touch with our Sealing & Bonding team using the contact form. Please be sure to select ‘Sealing & Bonding’ when using the form so we can best direct your message to the relevant department.