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At the cutting edge of prosthetics, animatronics and lifecasting, and working with the industries leading creative artists, Mouldlife continue to direct and innovate, developing and improving Special FX products and materials across the industry. Mouldlife are the key distribution partner for Polytek across Europe and the West Coast of the USA. Notably our Platsil Gel revolutionized the way silicone prosthetics are produced, creating visually superior products applied with simple techniques, forever changing the industry. The new Platsil Gel 25 being the latest example in this pioneering range.

Mouldlife distribute a wide variety of materials to many different industries, prototyping and modelmaking compounds being one of our leading product groupings. The materials supplied include a range of fast cast, optically clear, and impact-resistant rigid resins, simulating ABS, PP, PE, PC and other conventional moulding polymers. We also supply the market-leading, flexible PU elastomers – ProFlex and PTFlex.

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PLATSIL GEL 25 Prosthetic Silicone

Introducing ‘the complete system’. Economical Platsil Gel 25. One product with reduced inventory yet more control.

Platsil Gel 25 is the latest in the industry leading range of prosthetic grade silicone systems. Unlike it’s predecessors Platsil Gel 10 and Gel 00, the 25 boasts greater versatility with the addition of two new components Deadener LV and Part H Hardener. Use Part H Hardener to raise the 25 Shore A hardness to a Shore A 40, and use Deadener LV to create a ‘super-gel’ by lowering to a Shore 00035.

Can Part H Hardener be used for any of the Platsil Gels??

Yes, to increase the Shore hardness and also the demould and working times. For Gel 00, a mix of 1A:1B:1H gives a Shore A 10 rubber. For Gel 10, a 1A:1B:1H mix cures to a Shore A 20 rubber. For Gel 25, a mix of 1A:1B:1H has a 7 minute working time and cures to a Shore A 40 rubber in under 2 hours.

What can I expect from Gel 25?

  • Soft, translucent, liquid silicone rubber
  • 60 minute demould and 5 minute working time
  • A&B super low viscosity moulding material
  • ‘Super-gel’ for prosthetic appliances with varying skin effects and levels of adhesion/tack
  • Low Shore silicone for animatronics
  • Rapid prototyping and general purpose moulding material
  • High clarity for flatmoulds
  • Same great tear strength as Gel 10
  • Platsil Part R Retarder slows the cure
  • Platsil Part X Accelerator speeds the cure
  • PlatThix thickens to a brushable paste

Effects of Deadener LV on Gel 25

Demold Time (Hr) : 1

Shore Hardness : A25

Tack : No

A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount of Deadener to add for individual applications.

Demold Time (Hr) : 0.5

Shore Hardness : A15

Tack : No

A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount of Deadener to add for individual applications.

Demold Time (Hr) : 0.5

Shore Hardness : A10 (0055)

Tack : No

A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount of Deadener to add for individual applications.

Demold Time (Hr) : 0.5

Shore Hardness : 0025 (00065)

Tack : Yes

A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount of Deadener to add for individual applications.

Demold Time (Hr) : 0.5

Shore Hardness : 00035

Tack : Very

A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount of Deadener to add for individual applications.

Platsil Gel TDS
Platsil Gel 10 Doctor Who Neill Gorton

Platsil Gel 10 has been the cornerstone of my work for the past 10 years. I know it is proven safe, reliable, accessible and is simply the best silicone for prosthetics and animatronics on the market. I'd let you take a limb before I'd let you take my Platsil Gel!

Neill Gorton
Platsil Gel 10 Harry Potter Nick Dudman

We used Platsil Gel 10 throughout Harry Potter, using nearly 4 metric tonnes on Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 alone. I used it because it is reliable and gives me the realism of movement I require. It has the perfect qualities for prosthetic appliances

Nick Dudman
Platsil Gel 00 Ripper Street Waldo Mason

Platsil Gel 00 was perfect for the creation of Ernest Manby’s body in BBC’s Ripper Street because it was soft. I added just a small amount of Smith’s Prosthetic Deadener and the Platsil Gel’s high tear strength provided the body with effective realism and movement.

Waldo Mason

Encore Makeup Palette Special FX

Fully customizable alcohol palettes with 36 interchangeable colours. Refill Separately. No more waste.

Encore Alcohol Palettes, by European Body Art, bring performance, style and innovation under one lid, a rare sight in the special effects makeup industry. Encore palettes come standard with a built-in magnetic platform holding up to 10 different interchangeable pans with colours of your choice and a removable mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist’s hand.

Encore’s innovative magnetic design provides artists with no boundaries before, during and even after a job when it comes to customization and reordering of individual refills. Each refill is dry and ready to use allowing artists to stock up on popular colours or quickly restock a colour when needed.

Palette Colours
Encore SFX Palette Mouldlife
Do Encore have any pre-set pallete collections??

Yes. Although designed with customization in mind, there are 6 specially selected starter palettes available from Mouldlife. These are SKT (Skin Tone), SFX, Blood, Injury, Undead, and Zombie.

We wanted to build off the reputation of the Endura airbrush makeup, with its durability, high pigmentation, and large assortment of colours, and have incorporated those same qualities in the Encore special effect palette.

Jaro Turk, Owner of European Body Art
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Interested in Airbrushing?

Ask about our Alcohol and Water-based Airbrush ranges, Endura and Vibe.

Alcohol-based Endura provides rich coverage (for skin or prosthetics), unlimited blending and layering, no cracking, clog-less performance, extreme durability (sweat and waterproof) and the fastest drying time on the market.

The Vibe airbrush makeup is the cornerstone for face and body applications. It is smudge resistant, water-based without any alcohol, made only with FDA approved colors, moisture resistant, instantly dry and it can be washed off with soap and water.

40 Shore A silicone used in the rapid prototyping industry to produce moulds with complex contours and undercuts.

Transil 40 Mouldlife Boston Baton Marathon

Transil 40-1 is a 10:1 platinum silicone with a shore hardness of 40. The translucent platinum based silicone, is used in the rapid prototyping industry to produce moulds that have complex contours and undercuts. It’s translucent properties allow the mould maker to see into the mould before cutting when producing a multi piece mould.

Transil 40-1 is particularly suitable for casting resins from the Pro-cast range in a vacuum casting machine. This is a platinum based product and therefore the dimensional accuracy is very good and will allow accurate part reproduction.

One Run for Boston

One Run Boston is an annual charity relay race from California to Massachusetts, raising money for the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The concept baton was originally 3D printed by Malcolm Nicholls Ltd, before being encased in Transil 40-1. The 3D print was then removed to create a void in the silicone mould, and later filled with Mouldlife’s Pro-CLEAR 70, casting the Boston Baton.

Transil 40-1 TDS
Transil 40 Mouldlife Boston Baton Marathon 2
Transil 20 TDS

Translucent Transil 20

Looking for a quick mouldmaking silicone with a super low viscosity?

Transil 20 is fantastic for quick moulding, yet can also be slowed with the addition of Platsil Retarder. Its low viscosity makes mixing and pouring easy, which greatly simplifies the manufacture of large articles.

I recommend Transil 20 for many applications. It is great for mold making and casting display pieces. Since curing time is short, there is less possibility of contamination. The firmness of this silicone is great for cut-open molds and you can get better seam than with a softer silicone.

Kazuhiro Tsuji

Lightweight, tough, low odour Epoxy dough designed to produce long-lasting shell moulds with a high level of accuracy.

F1 Carbon Paste is a light weight, tough, low odour epoxy dough designed to produce long-lasting shell moulds where a high level of accuracy is required. Typically these moulds would be in two parts, female and male inner, and would usually be used to produce latex foam or silicone prosthetics.

The system can be applied in layers up to 10mm with minimal shrinkage or distortion with heat build up. This is a slow-curing system and provides a greater working time than conventional mouldmaking systems. F1 Carbon Paste requires an overnight cure to achieve working strength.

F1 Carbon Paste has a specially designed Carbon/Aramid reinforcing filler to add strength whilst maintaining low density. This can help raise the glass transition temperature (Tg) to 125°, meaning the material can be used to produce moulds for latex foam or heat-cured polyurethanes without softening.


Pot Life (mins)


De-mould (hrs)


Density (g/cm³)

F1 Carbon Paste in use

Prototype demo arm (left) with a collapsible, magnetic epoxy core courtesy of Brian Best, Lifecaster at Creatures Inc. The core has been reduced to allow the final silicone prosthetic to have a tighter fit. It is also refined to a smooth finish for easier removal of the casting from the one piece seamless mould that will later be produced.

This video courtesy of Stuart Bray, shows the rigidity of lightweight F1 Carbon Paste as a backing structure.

F1 Carbon Paste TDS

A range of fast cast, flexible, optically clear, and impact-resistant rigid resins, simulating ABS, PP, PE, PC and other conventional moulding polymers.

ProClear Modelmaking


ProClear resins have been formulated to give optically clear urethanes with various working times and cure speeds, suiting a wide range of applications where the clarity is a must. ProClear resins reproduce fine detail and cure to tough, thermoplastic simulating ABS, PP and PE that can be machined, drilled, sanded and polished.

ProClear 10Cures to a hard, virtually unbreakable, plastic. Cure at room
temperature and, for optimum physical properties, post cure at 150°F.
ProClear 12A high-strength, heat-resistant, fast-curing, rapid prototyping
plastic designed for casting in heated molds.
ProClear 11ProClear 11 develops hardness and can be demolded more quickly
than ProClear 10. It also has a higher heat deflection temperature,
which is useful in certain prototyping applications.
ProClear 70FA firm rubber. Blend ProClear 10 and ProClear 70F to achieve
any hardness between Shore D85 and Shore A70.
ProClear Physical Properties
ProFlex Modelmaking


ProFlex elastomers are designed to give the most comprehensive of SHORE hardness from 20A – 85A. In addition, the introduction of two new clear elastomers completes a range like no other. ProFlex benefits from simple mix ratios, fast process times and extremely strong tear strengths.

ProFlex 20
ProFlex 40
ProFlex 60
ProFlex 85
ProRigid Modelmaking


ProRigid resins will allow the user to duplicate the properties of a number of engineering plastics with low-cost tooling in a very short time. ProRigid resins cover a broad range of applications, from ABS, PP, PE, and include excellent fire retardent systems. ProRigid resins are designed for vacuum casting to offer outstanding performance.

ProRigid 11
ProRigid 12X
ProRigid 12
ProRigid 74
ProRigid Physical Properties

Monster Clay Special FX

From monsters to monuments, Monster Clay’s low-melt clay formulation has infinite possibilities, endlessly reusable!

Monster Clay’s unique, sulfur-free, low melt formulation can be reused over and over again. Easily softened with heat, large forms can be rapidly built up with minimal effort. Monster Clay will always return to its original firm state upon cooling for capturing precise detail and achieving professional results in http://www.casinonorske.com/.

Monster Clay is formulated entirely with non-toxic, food grade components, and is indefinitely recyclable, making it easy on the wallet, and easy on the environment!

For beginners and professional sculptors alike

Monster Clay melts easily and pours smoothly for capturing minute details from molds. It transitions completely and repeatedly from a melted state to room temperature firmness without becoming chalky or brittle along the way. Monster Clay is virtually tack-free, which prevents stickiness for optimal clean raking and contouring.

Monster Clay’s amazing elasticity allows you to warp, bend and stretch to create new forms from cast pieces. Freeze the new form in place by submerging it in cold water or with a blast of canned air. Monster Clay stretches like warm taffy when heated, enabling the creation of unusual and difficult to achieve forms such as wisps of sculpted hair.