Mouldlife are leading suppliers of materials for a wide range of applications, including Advanced Materials, Sealing & Bonding, Special FX & Modelmaking, and Tooling. With powerful distribution partnerships including Polytek, Hexcel, Huntsman, OBO and 3M, we continue to develop our portfolio of products to meet the highest expectations of quality and performance.

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Group Gazechim

Leading distributor of composites, thermoplastics & other specialist materials

On 24th July Mouldlife were acquired by Group Gazechim – a leading distributor of composites, thermoplastics & other specialist materials through Europe. Composed of 24 companies, Mouldlife becomes part of a vast Distribution Network present across 17 European countries.

The Gazechim Group has a history of innovation and in joining their organization we can enhance our services with new materials, new markets and opportunities for new and existing customers.



The Opportunity to acquire Mouldlife was perfect for Gazechim Group as their material centric and innovation based approach really complements our existing UK businesses. The acquisition brings a new dimension to the Gazechim UK team adding technical expertise as well as access to new markets.

Jean-Marc Libes, Gazechim Group European Business Manager
Gazechim Group

Industry Breakdown

Mouldlife is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance advanced composite materials. With a long history of material innovation, quality and rapid delivery, we work with our partners to supply the most comprehensive range of products in the industry – Carbon Fabrics, Prepregs, Epoxy Model and Tooling boards, Gel Coats, Casting Resins, Laminating Resins, High Temperature, Nano toughened, Resins for Infusion, Pultrusion and Filament Winding. We supply market sectors such as automotive, construction, motorsport, aerospace, defence, renewable energy, marine, sports, leisure and medical industries.

Operating from our fully stocked manufacturing and development warehouse facility in in Bury St Edmunds, Mouldlife’s specialists are focused on providing technical and professional support to all our customers and we continue to develop our portfolio of products to meet the highest expectations of quality and performance.

Mouldlife have a fantastic Sealing & Bonding division, with key partnerships including Araldite, as well as supplying further acrylic, epoxy, methacrylate, polyurethane and silicone adhesives. Our broad range of industrial adhesives and tapes from 3M provide fantastic properties including Dual Lock’s re-usable interlocking mechanisms, and VHB’s shock absorption and stress distribution.

Additionally Mouldlife offer versatile two-component acrylic adhesives from Scott Bader’s Crestabond range, for bonding composites, metals and thermoplastics. We will have a solution to meet your requirements.

At the cutting edge of prosthetics, animatronics and lifecasting, and working with the industries leading creative artists, Mouldlife continue to direct and innovate, developing and improving Special FX products and materials across the industry. Mouldlife are the key distribution partner for Polytek across Europe and the West Coast of the USA. Notably our Platsil Gel revolutionized the way silicone prosthetics are produced, creating visually superior products applied with simple techniques, forever changing the industry. The new Platsil Gel 25 being the latest example in this pioneering range.

Mouldlife distribute a wide variety of materials to many different industries, prototyping and modelmaking compounds being one of our leading product groupings. The materials supplied include a range of fast cast, optically clear, and impact-resistant rigid resins, simulating ABS, PP, PE, PC and other conventional moulding polymers. We also supply the market-leading, flexible PU elastomers – ProFlex and PTFlex.

Mouldlife are leading suppliers to the UK Tooling industry, supplying a wide range of materials from major manufacturing companies. Mouldlife offer a wide range of PU Boards, suitable for Styling, Modelling, Prototyping, Pattern Making, Jigs/Fixtures and Vacform Tooling. We also offer the Trelleborg range of Epoxy Boards used for high temperature carbon moulding. As distributors for Huntsman we stock the RenCast and RenShape range of advanced materials, including PU, Epoxy and specialist resin systems.

Recently Mouldlife have become official UK Distributors for OBO and can offer their extensive range of EP & PU boards, EP paste, Mass Casting an Tooling Liquid resin systems. Mouldlife are also able to offer the basic GRP resin systems through Gazechim and Scott Bader. So whether it’s a basic tooling requirement or an advanced composite application, Mouldlife will be able to supply the materials you need.

PLATSIL GEL 25 Prosthetic Silicone
IMATEC honeycomb Mouldlife
Encore Makeup Palette Special FX